Why Booking Hotels on OneTwoTrip?

Select hotels with the best rates

We have compared rates of similar hotels and found the best rates for your selected dates. By selecting hotels with green marks, you can be sure these rates are the best.  Hotels with the best rates are listed at the top of the search results for your convenience.

Book the best deals

We have collected offers from different reservation systems and grouped them together by room types for your convenience. Should you need a superior double room, we'll get you the best rate in just a few seconds.

Important notice! We select only the best offers from our numerous partners. Some deals are unique – it is a gift for our customers. We show fair hotel rates only. Let us know if you find a better rate.

Earn Bonus Points

If you travel a lot or organize travel tours, you'll be pleased to earn additional Hotel Bonus Points. You will receive 3% of the booking value to your OneTwoTrip bonus account if you book hotels on our website. And if you book hotels via our OneTwoTrip mobile app, you will receive 5% for each booking.