Bonus Points. Terms of Use.

Use your Bonus Points to reduce the price of flights you book on OneTwoTrip.

For every purchase of flights from any airline to any destination on our website, you earn OTT (OneTwoTrip) Bonus Points worth 1% of the booking value.

Important! Customers receive Bonus Points only after completion of all flight segments or after checking out of hotel.

General information about the Loyalty Program

  • This Loyalty Program is part of OneTwoTrip’s marketing strategy. Its purpose is to develop long-term and mutually beneficial relations with OneTwoTrip customers;
  • The Program is available to registered customers only;
  • Participants of the Loyalty Program can receive Bonus Points for booking flights and can use Promo Codes to make future bookings on OneTwoTrip more affordable;
  • In your Customer Profile you can view your Bonus Balance and history of Bonus Points received and Promo Codes created;
  • OneTwoTrip reserves the right to make changes and amendments to the Loyalty Program at its sole discretion.

Customers can receive Bonus Points and apply Promo Codes provided that they come to the website in one of the following ways:

  • Visiting directly;
  • Via links provided in OneTwoTrip emails (sent from domain);
  • Via links posted in official OneTwoTrip social media groups;
  • Via links provided by search engines (,, etc.).

How to use your earned Bonus Points

  1. Use your Bonus Points to create Promo Codes in your Customer Profile;
  2. You can create a Promo Code worth €7, €15, €30, €80;
  3. By applying a Promo Code on OneTwoTrip you can make your next flight or hotel stay more affordable;
  4. Promo Codes are valid for 30 days from the date of creation;
  5. You can give your Promo Codes to other customers.

To create a Promo Code using your earned Bonus Points, you need to log in to our website and enter your Customer Profile.

Then you need to select the desired value of the Promo Code you would like to create and press “Create”.

If you did not make any direct purchases on OneTwoTrip within 12 months from the date of your last booking, all earned Bonus Points will be canceled.

Please note that you are entitled to the OneTwoTrip Loyalty Program only if you came to our website directly.

If you came to our website through a metasearch service, you will not earn any Bonus Points for your booking.
You need to collect 10 Bonus Points for the first use.
You cannot give your Bonus Points to another customer / profile and add them to Bonus Points of other profiles.  

In case of a voluntary refund, Bonus Points used to purchase the flight will not be restored.

In case of an involuntary refund, Bonus Points used to purchase the flight will be refunded to your bonus account; however, Bonus Points earned for this booking will be canceled.

Discounts that you get using promo codes will never be refunded.

In case of a partial cancelation of the booking, all Bonus Points used to purchase the flight(s) will be canceled.

Any fraudulent bonus activity will result in complete cancelation of your earned Bonus Points.

Your bonus account balance and bonus transaction history is available in your OneTwoTrip Customer Profile.