Refund policy if you cancel your tickets

Free ticket cancellation is available within 30 minutes after you have completed the booking process provided that:

  • "Cancel Your Purchase" button is available in your Customer Profile;
  • Your flight departs in more than 48 hours of the date of purchase;
  • 24-hour period ends in more than 30 minutes.

Important notice! Free cancellation must be approved by the airline. Sometimes airlines may not approve a free cancellation. OneTwoTrip service fee will not be refunded in case of ticket cancellation (see "Free Ticket Cancellation").

If you have successfully cancelled your ticket via your Customer Profile, the status of your booking will change from "Issue" to "Canceled."

Important notice! If there are several passengers in the booking, you will need to make a separate cancellation for each passenger. You will receive an email confirming that tickets of the particular passenger have been cancelled. Please read this information carefully.

After the cancellation, you will be refunded between 3 to 30 days depending on your bank regulations. Please contact the customer service of your bank for detailed information on the refund procedure.

If you chose to pay to the airline via OneTwoTrip, the transaction fee will not be refunded.