In-Flight Meals

In-flight meals vary greatly in quality and quantity across different airlines and travel classes. They range from a simple beverage and snack in short-haul economy class to a seven-course meal in long-haul first class.

Generally, hot meal is served on long-haul flights, and passengers may select from a special menu as well.  

When booking flights on, travellers may select a special in-flight meal from the list available in their Customer Profile not later than 48 hours before departure.

Should you need a special meal that is not on our list, please send us a request through your Customer Profile, and we will try to coordinate it with the airline.

If you made a mistake selecting a special in-flight meal or you would like to change it to something else, please send us a message through your Customer Profile, and we will modify your request.

For more information regarding your selected special meal, please contact your airline. Please note that all special requests (including special meal requests) require an approval by the airline. 

After submitting a special in-flight meal request, we urge you to contact our Customer Support to verify the status of your request.