Traveling With Pets

When traveling on flights booked on our website, you can bring a pet kennel as your carry-on bag to the cabin. 

Please note that you will have to pay a carry-on pet charge since the weight of your pet and kennel is not included in the free baggage allowance. 

There are no additional charges for service animals traveling in the cabin.

If you would like to travel with your pet, please send us a message through your Customer Profile providing the weight of your pet and kennel and kennel dimensions (as 10 х 10 х 10 in), and we will send a request to the airline.

Please note that in some cases airlines may not approve for bringing your carry-on pet to the cabin. In this case the airline may check your pet to travel in baggage compartment.

Please contact your airline for carry-on and checked pet charges.

Requests for pet transportation are accepted not later than 48 hours prior to departure.