Booking a Hotel

OneTwoTrip offers a quick and easy service to search for the best hotel deals. Once you've selected a hotel, you can book a room on OneTwoTrip or click through to our partner website to complete your booking.

Booking hotels is pretty easy on OneTwoTrip.

Fill out the search form.
Select a city, number of adults and children, and dates of your stay. Press Search and wait until search results are displayed.

Select a hotel.
Search results will show a list of available hotels which can also be seen on the map. Select a hotel using the map or filter the search results by stars, prices, guest reviews, services etc.

Select a room.
After selecting a hotel, select a desired room. If you select a room with the OneTwoTrip logo, you can complete your booking on our website.

You can also compare room rates with other hotel booking websites and select an offer from our partner. In this case, we will redirect you to our partner website to complete your booking.

Book your room.
If you have already selected a room to book through OneTwoTrip:

1. Please read the hotel / room details.

2. Enter names of the guests.

3. Enter the customer and card details.

4. Please read the terms and conditions. 

5. Please agree to the terms and conditions and complete your booking.

* If you selected an offer from our partner, you will be able to complete your booking on our partner website.