Booking a Flight
  • Booking a Flight

    You can book flights on in less than 5 minutes.

    What you need to do:

    1. Fill out the Flight Search Form.
    2. Select a flight from the search results.
    3. Book your flight.
    4. Pay by a credit / debit card.

    After you've completed the booking, we will email you a notification that your tickets have been issued and a link to your Customer Profile to download your itinerary receipt.

    Here's what it looks like:

    Fill out the flight search form and press "Search."

    Wait until the search results show up and select the desired flight.

    Enter all the required information so that we could reserve your seats on the selected flight.

    After entering the information, click "Continue" and verify your flight details once again on the checkout page and read the selected flight statistics and your baggage allowance.

    Please provide the required information about yourself (Customer Data) and all passengers (Passenger Details). A booking confirmation and itinerary receipt will be sent to your email address after checkout.

    Select a payment option. We recommend that you pay by Visa or MasterCard – it is fast and secure.

    Enter your card details:

    Read Terms and Conditions. If you agree, tick the box "I accept the terms and conditions" and press "Complete Booking."

    As soon as your tickets are issued, we will send you a booking confirmation and itinerary receipt to your email address and a text message with the status of your booking to your phone.

  • Entering Passenger Details

    You should enter the first and last name of the passenger exactly as they appear on the government-issued photo ID (driver's license or passport) that you plan to present to the airline officials at check-in.

    Passengers will encounter difficulties passing through airport security or can be denied boarding if their names do not match those on the presented ID. Corrections are not permitted once your tickets have been issued.

    If there is not enough space to enter your name, please contact the airline directly. To avoid security problems, we do not recommend modifying your name.

    I made a mistake in my name/surname, what should I do?

    If you make a mistake when entering data, we recommend contacting our customer support as soon as possible. Unfortunately, in most cases, the name/surname correction is not possible, but it should be checked in each particular case.

  • Travel Classes

    What are travel classes?

    Travel classes may differ depending on the particular airline.

    Airlines traditionally have three travel classes: Economy ClassBusiness Class and First Class. Sometimes airlines divide their travel classes into subclasses (Premium, Advanced etc.)

    OneTwoTrip displays travel classes exactly as they are submitted by airlines into reservation systems, i.e. in letters (J, K, L, O, B).

    What is the difference in travel classes?

    Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class differ primarily in the comfort of seats and service on board.

    Economy Class seats are usually located in the rear or middle of the cabin. These are the cheapest seats since their width is 17-18.3 inches with legroom between 29 and 32 inches (domestic flights) or 29.5-35.8 inches (international flights).

    Economy Class services can differ significantly depending on the airline. However, it is mandatory that every passenger seat has a folding table and a seat-back pocket containing an emergency evacuation diagram.

    Besides, Economy Class fares are usually non-refundable and non-changeable:the cheaper the fare, the more expensive refund or change.

    Business Class seats can be categorized by the following types:

    • Recliner seats (160°), width 17.32-33.85 in, legroom 33.07-79.5 in;
    • Angle lie-flat seats (180°), width 18.11-22.8 in, legroom 55.11-66.9 in;
    • Flat bed seats (180°) (when fully reclined, these seats are completely horizontal, creating a bed that is fully flat).

    Food, beverages, Internet and other services are included in the price.

    Business Class passengers are usually checked in at a separate desk. Business Class tickets are 3-5 times more expensive than Economy Class tickets. 

    First Class is the most comfortable and luxurious travel class with regard to seats and services. First Class passengers can enjoy flat bed seats, sofas and even regular beds separated from their seats and folding out of the wall. Normally, First Class cabins are found on long-haul aircraft operating transatlantic flights.

    First Class passengers can take advantage of extra services: they have a special comfort lounge at their disposal where they can wait for their flight, priority check-in and boarding, complimentary limousine service.

    On board, First Class passengers can order food and drinks from a varied menu, with a wide range of choices. Comparing to Economy Class tickets, First Class is 8-15 times more expensive.

    Prior to purchase, it is necessary to read the fare rules displayed on the booking page.

    What is Premium Economy? 

    This travel class is levelled between Business Class and Economy Class.

    Premium Economy Class vary among airlines and usually offers a bit more legroom and includes some amenities not available in standard Economy Class (contour pillows, wider range of food and drinks, bigger screens for watching movies, flexible baggage allowance etc.)

    Premium Class seats are usually located right behind Business Class seats. The number of Premium Class seats varies among airlines as well. 

    Premium Economy class tickets are 20–30% more expensive comparing to standard Economy Class tickets. 

  • Airfares

    Prices on flights that you can select and book on our website are shown at all times per one adult passenger with all taxes and fees included. 

    When booking flights for a group of passengers, you will see the full price for the entire group displayed on the booking page prior to checkout.

    Please be advised that when the currency of the Service Provider differs from the currency of your card, you will be charged in the currency of the Service Provider and your bank will make a conversion into the currency of your account at its internal rate. Please refer to the customer support of your bank regarding currency conversion details. 

    Please note that some airlines (AirBaltic, for example) charge an additional baggage fee at check-in. Please see Baggage Allowance section for more details.

    Prices on our website are lower because fares of the same airlines for the same route purchased in different countries are different.

    For example, a price difference on the same Moscow-London flight operated by BMI can reach 10% depending on where the ticket was issued — in Russia (Moscow), in the UK (London) or in other city or country. 

    This is due to pricing policies of airlines and their fares loaded into global distribution systems for this or that country, as well as to exchange rate differences. 

    Since you purchase electronic air tickets, we issue them electronically in the country where your selected flight can be booked at the lowest price. 

    It is the same as you would search for flights manually all over the Internet checking with different agents in different countries. Now we do this for you. 

    Flight deals and offers are collected online automatically from our Partners (IATA agents) worldwide. The system automatically compares prices on the same flights and provides you with the best deals.

    If there are no flights to the selected destination or the flight price is higher than expected, most probably all flights have been sold out already or there are only more expensive fares available.

  • Information Update Frequency

    Flight prices and seat availability is updated online all the time.

    Information on flight statistics, age of aircraft and legroom is averaged over the past three months from the current date and is constantly updated.

  • Some airlines are marked with an * or +. What does it mean?

    In the search results, you can see different flights operated by one, two or more airlines:

    If you see an airline marked with an asterisk (*), it means that the flight is operated by two carriers. You need to click the corresponding link to see the details:

    If you see an airline marked with a plus sign (+), it means that the flight is operated by three or more carriers:

Flight Purchase
  • Payment Options

    You can pay for your flights with a credit card if the number of your card consists of 16 digits and you're authorized to make online payments with this card.

    You can pay only by VISA or MasterCard on

    You need to enter your payment card details on the checkout page. Before you start, please make sure you have your card handy. Payment gateway connection and data transfer is secured with a SSL certificate from DigiCert.

    OneTwoTrip is fully PCI Compliant (Payment Card Industry Compliance), ensuring credit card security.

    Details you need to enter:

    • Your credit card number;
    • Validity period of your credit card: month/year;
    • CVV (Visa) / CVC (MasterCard): your card security code is printed on the back of your card and is typically a separate group of 3 digits to the right of the signature strip.

    If you do not have a CVC / CVV code on your card, most probably your card cannot be used for CNP transactions (i.е. when a cardholder does not have to physically present the card for a merchant’s visual examination and only card details are needed to make a payment), and you have to refer to your bank for detailed information.

  • Booking Status: Processing

    Tickets are issued automatically after checkout (sometimes it may take up to half an hour.) As soon as your tickets are issued, we will send you your travel documents to the email address you provided during the booking as well as a text message with your booking status.

    If the status of your booking remains "Processing" within the time specified and you have not yet received an email with your itinerary receipt, we urge you to send us your booking number via the contact form on to have your tickets issued.

    The reason why your booking status remains "Processing" is most likely because an error has occurred on the part of the global distribution system (GDS) that was responsible for issuing your tickets. Once you have reported your problem to our Customer Support, our operators will manually process your booking.

    We urge you not to make any duplicate bookings until the processing of your booking is complete. If you made a booking for several passengers and not all of them were issued with tickets, please contact our Customer Support to resolve the problem.

    Please be informed that tickets are issued separately for each passenger in an individual booking regardless of whether one booking was made for all passengers.

  • Charging Your Card

    Once you have completed your booking and entered your card details, your card will be charged by the Service Provider (the airline) via its head office (e.g. DELTA/DL) or country office (e.g. DL Travel Agency NYC, where DL is the Delta Airlines IATA code). 

    In case the Service Provider cannot accept your payment directly, your card will be charged by our partner and then the funds will be transferred to the Service Provider. 

    In both cases the ticket is considered paid at the moment of charging the Customer's card. 

    The only difference is that in this case OneTwoTrip will be listed on your account statement as the recipient of the payment. In all other cases the recipient will be the Service Provider (the airline).

    In accordance with Visa and MasterCard regulations, the funds will be debited from your account within 30 days of the date of purchase.

  • Payment Card Verification

    In some cases, we need to make sure you're a legitimate holder of the card you use to make the payment. For this purpose, we block a small amount on your card (e.g. $1) and send you a message with a 4-digit confirmation code. If you are a legitimate cardholder, you will be able to confirm your card by entering this code on

    What happens if I enter an incorrect confirmation code?

    If you enter the confirmation code incorrectly three times in a row, you will not be able to make the payment with this card — it will be blocked on our website for as long as one month. In this case, you will have to use some other card to pay for your booking.

    I pay with my own card. Why do I have to confirm that?

    Such verification is conducted to secure online payments. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. We have tried to simplify the verification process as much as possible – all you need to do is simply enter the confirmation code without providing any ID and photo of your credit card. 

    How do I get my confirmation code?

    Please find your confirmation code:

    1. In an text message from your bank.
    2. In a card account statement in your Internet-banking.
    3. By contacting your bank's customer support at the number on the back of your card.
  • Possible Reasons Your Card Was Declined

    Before making a payment on, please make sure you have sufficient funds on your card to cover the transaction.

    Your payment could be declined due to one of the following reasons:

    • You have entered an incorrect card number, expiry date or CVV/CVC code;
    • Your card has a daily transaction limit;
    • Your card is not authorized for online payments.

    If you are having trouble making your payment, you need to contact the customer support of your bank (generally available 24/7) at the phone number provided on the back of your card.

  • Booking Confirmation

    An itinerary receipt issued for each passenger is a confirmation of your booking. 

    Once you have completed your booking process, you will be redirected to the page on OneTwoTrip where you will find all necessary information regarding your flight as well as the itinerary receipt that confirms your booking and the right to fly. The itinerary receipt contains the route you selected, time of departure and arrival, name of airport and airline, travel class, passenger and payment details.

    Your itinerary receipt is also available at

    For information regarding a particular ticket, you'll need to enter the e-ticket number and passenger name. For information regarding your booking (there may be more than one ticket in a booking), you'll need to enter the booking number and the email address or mobile number that you provided at the time of booking.

Flight Change, Cancelation and Refund
  • Refunds on Non-Refundable Airfares

    The amount to be refunded is calculated in accordance with the airline fare rules.

    Fare rules determine the procedure for calculation of voluntary refunds as well as set out when a full involuntary refund is allowed.

    If your fare is "NON-REFUNDABLE," it means that it cannot be refunded in case of ticket cancellation or no-show, and only a part of refundable taxes can be returned.

    Please note that in addition to possible penalties imposed by the airline, OneTwoTrip is entitled to charge a service fee for a flight refund / change, which is €10 / 18 per ticket for travellers visiting our website directly, and €35 / 35 for travellers coming to the website via metasearch services.

    Generally, non-refundable tickets can still be refunded in the following cases:

    - Death of a passenger or close relative;

    - Hospital admission of a passenger;

    - Visa rejection / refusal.

    Should you encounter one of these problems, please notify the OneTwoTrip Customer Support by sending an email with all necessary supporting papers enclosed. Upon receiving your message, our operators will contact the airline for a full refund approval.

    Please note that if you cancel your tickets later than 24 hours prior to departure, you may be charged an additional cancellation fee.

    Airlines may charge an additional refund fee in case of no-show and impose restrictions on flight changes.

    For more information, please read "Refund a Ticket."

    Depending on fare rules of certain airlines, you are entitled to a flight refund or change within 1 year of the date of purchase provided that you cancel your booking before your flight departs.

    If you cannot travel as planned and need to change your flight, we recommend that you cancel your tickets before your flight departs.

  • Free Ticket Cancellation

    If you have come to our website directly to book a flight (not via a metasearch service), then you are able to cancel your purchase within 30 minutes after completing your booking. Our Customer Support can help you cancel your booking free of charge. To cancel a purchase through your Customer Profile, please do the following:

    1. Access your booking at
    2. Select a passenger whose tickets you would like to cancel. 

    Important notice! If there are several passengers in the booking, you will need to make a separate cancellation for each passenger. You will receive an email confirming that tickets of the particular passenger have been cancelled. Please read this information carefully.

    1. Submit a ticket cancellation request.

    Important notice!

    1. Please be informed that OneTwoTrip operators need to request an approval from the airline to cancel your tickets. Sometimes airlines do not approve free cancellations.
    2. If your flight departs in less than 48 hours, OneTwoTrip will not be able to arrange for a free cancellation.
    3. If you paid for your booking via OneTwoTrip, no service fees will be refunded.
    4. You cannot cancel your purchase if you have already changed your ticket or used it to fly just a part of your intended itinerary.

    Customers visiting our website via a metasearch service cannot cancel their tickets free of charge. A cancellation fee of €15 will be charged.

  • Refund policy if you cancel your tickets

    Free ticket cancellation is available within 30 minutes after you have completed the booking process provided that:

    • "Cancel Your Purchase" button is available in your Customer Profile;
    • Your flight departs in more than 48 hours of the date of purchase;
    • 24-hour period ends in more than 30 minutes.

    Important notice! Free cancellation must be approved by the airline. Sometimes airlines may not approve a free cancellation. OneTwoTrip service fee will not be refunded in case of ticket cancellation (see "Free Ticket Cancellation").

    If you have successfully cancelled your ticket via your Customer Profile, the status of your booking will change from "Issue" to "Canceled."

    Important notice! If there are several passengers in the booking, you will need to make a separate cancellation for each passenger. You will receive an email confirming that tickets of the particular passenger have been cancelled. Please read this information carefully.

    After the cancellation, you will be refunded between 3 to 30 days depending on your bank regulations. Please contact the customer service of your bank for detailed information on the refund procedure.

    If you chose to pay to the airline via OneTwoTrip, the transaction fee will not be refunded.

  • Fare Rules and Change / Refund Fees

    In what form are Fare Rules presented on

    Fare Rules are set out by airlines and are presented on in the same form they appear in reservation systems.

    What is most important of Fare Rules?

    According to statistics, about 5% of customers cancel or modify their bookings. Fare Rules set out penalties for refunds and flight date changes.

    Fare Rules formalize all restrictions and terms of refunds and changes (time limits, possible penalties and extra charges). Very often cheap flights are non-refundable so it is necessary to read corresponding sections of the fare rules during the booking process to avoid any possible complications.

    Thus, it is important to know that if passengers noshow for the first segment of the flight, all subsequent segments will be cancelled. However, passengers can reques refunds in accordance with the no-show terms set out in the fare rules.

    What other information do Fare Rules contain?

    Fare Rules lay down conditions for the sale and use of airline tickets. Fare Rules include the following: 

    Principal Conditions

    • Seat selection;
    • Open-ended airline tickets;
    • Minimum and maximum period of stay at points of destination;
    • Stopovers at connection points for transit passengers;
    • Flight upgrades at check-in;
    • Combined fares.

    Refund Fees

    • Flight refunds more than 24 hours prior to departure;
    • Flight refunds less than 24 hours prior to departure;
    • Flight refunds after departure (cancellation and no-show policy, etc.)

    Flight Change Fees

    • Changing your booking (flight date change subject to availability);
    • Changing your booking in case of no-show.

    Discounts for children 
    Free baggage allowance

    Where are the selected fare rules available?

    The selected fare rules are available on the booking page, on the checkout page, as well as in the Customer Profile when your booking is completed.

    Booking page:


  • Refund a Ticket

    To submit a refund request, you need to follow the link and select "Refund Your Ticket."

    If you are not sure you want to cancel your ticket(s), you need to select "I may not fly", and we will send you the calculated refund amount without cancelling your booking. 

    You will see the calculated refund amount in your Customer Profile:

    The refund amount depends on the selected fare rules as well as on the service fee OneTwoTrip charges for processing your refund request.

    The OneTwoTrip service fee for travellers visiting our website directly is €10 per ticket. The OneTwoTrip service fee for travellers visiting our website via metasearch services is €35. 

    OneTwoTrip does not charge a service fee for processing involuntary refunds. 

    If you agree to receive the calculated refund amount, please press "Accept Refund"; if not, press "Cancel Refund".

    Please note that some airlines can offer non-refundable fares.

  • Refund Deadlines

    If you have submitted a voluntary refund request, refunds for the unused flight segments will be credited to the account you used to make the purchase.

    If you chose to pay directly to the airline on the OneTwoTrip website, the refund amount will be credited to your account within 3 - 60 days of the cancellation date.

    If you chose to pay to the airline via OneTwoTrip, the refund amount will be credited to your account within 3 - 30 days of the cancellation date.

    If your card has expired, the refund amount will be credited to the account of the card you used to make the purchase. In this case, you will be refunded at the bank upon presenting your ID.

    If the refund amount does not arrive in your account within 30 days, please send a message to our Customer Support and attach your account statement covering the period from the cancellation date up to the current date.

  • Baggage Allowance

    Every airline has its own set of restrictions regarding checked and hand baggage depending on travel class and destination. 

    Please be advised that low cost carriers may charge a baggage fee, which is not initially included in the ticket price. Some carriers may charge extra for baggage on non-flexible tickets (mostly tourists) but include the baggage charge in the ticket price for flexible tickets (mostly business travellers, who often have no checked baggage).

    Free baggage allowances are set up by airlines according to their fare rules and are submitted by airlines to the global distribution systems.

    You can see your free baggage allowance on the flight booking page prior to making the purchase.

    For detailed baggage information, please follow the link (read more).

    Information on your free baggage allowance is also available in your Customer Profile.

    If baggage allowance is not included in your fare (this information is available on the flight booking page and in your Customer Profile), you can purchase the necessary baggage allowance on the airline website (if available) or at check-in.
    Please keep in mind that if you book a connecting flight (see "Checked baggage on connecting flights"), the most restrictive baggage rules of the carriers involved will be applied. 
    Please refer to the airline's website for detailed baggage information.

    Please note that baggage allowances not included in the fare cannot be purchased on our website.

  • Hand Baggage

     Items allowed in the cabin:

    - Outerwear (such as coats and wraps), a handbag, an umbrella;

    - A book or newspaper;

    - One small bag of liquids, aerosols and gels (1 bag per passenger); the total volume of all items in the bag must not exceed 1 quart (1 liter). All liquids, aerosols and gels must be kept in containers of not more than 3.4 oz. (100 ml) each.

    All travellers must present their laptops, mobile phones and other devices along with their outerwear and plastic bags of liquids for screening at a security checkpoint.

    The maximum free hand baggage allowance is 22 lb (10 kg), not including outerwear, laptops, photo and video cameras. The maximum dimensions of hand bags vary depending on the airline.

    Banned or restricted items (both in hand and checked baggage):

    - Explosives;

    - Firearms and ammunition;

    - Compressed and condensed gas;

    - Toxic substances;

    - Flammable liquids and solids;

    - Oxidizing and corrosive materials;

    - Poisons and toxins;

    - Radioactive materials;

    - Organic peroxides.

  • Sports Equipment and Oversized Baggage

    If you plan to travel with an oversized or overweight baggage, we urge you to coordinate it with the airline right after completing your booking. To do that, please contact OneTwoTrip Customer Support through your Customer Profile and provide the type of your baggage and its weight and dimensions (L x W x H.)

    Based on your request, OneTwoTrip will send a special enquiry to the airline.

    Please note that your sports equipment and other oversized baggage may be included (or not) in the free baggage allowance depending on the regulations of the airline that you selected.

    If your special baggage is not included in the free baggage allowance, you will have to pay an oversized baggage fee at check-in. Please refer to the airline website or customer support for more information about oversized baggage fees.

    Musical instruments are accepted as checked baggage only when booking flights on OneTwoTrip.

    If you would like to purchase a full fare ticket for an item that you think is too fragile to be handled as checked baggage, you will need to refer to the airline office. 

    Please note that oversized baggage requests will be accepted and considered no later than 48 hours prior to departure.

  • Damaged Baggage

    If you find out that your baggage is damaged, you need to report your damaged baggage to the airport Baggage Service Officer immediately after the flight.

    Please note that you will need to report the weight of your checked baggage (see your luggage slip) and the weight of your baggage received upon arrival. The weight difference is to be claimed for compensation. 

    According to the Warsaw Convention, the carrier’s liability for the damage to your checked baggage is limited to $20 per kg per passenger. 

    As to damages to baggage caused intentionally (lock break or theft), airlines will compensate for the lost or damaged belongings in accordance with general practices.

  • Lost Baggage

    As soon as you find out that your baggage has been lost, please contact the Lost and Found Service at the airport to file a lost baggage claim. 

    This claim will contain a 5-letter code (airport code and airline code) and five digits, e.g. LONBA12345. You can use this code for online baggage tracing at

    Under the Montreal Convention, the maximum airline liability for lost baggage is limited to a fixed amount of 1,131 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) per passenger. 

    Any delayed baggage is considered lost if the carrier admits it has been lost or if the delayed baggage is not delivered within 21 days. 

    The current SDR rate is available here

    Generally, airlines do not accept any liability for inconvenience arising from the delay or loss of baggage during the first 21 days. However, many of them do pay a lump sum compensation or daily allowance to cover costs of essential items. 

    We urge you to keep all your receipts.

Additional Services
  • All Inclusive Package

    With our All Inclusive Package, you will be able to reduce your service fees and speed up your flight change and refund requests.

    You will benefit from this optional service if you are not sure whether you'll be able to fly on the selected dates and suppose you’ll have to change your flight date or even request a refund.

    The service commences immediately after completing your booking.

    All Inclusive Package Advantages:

    - Free notifications of your flight delays and cancellations;

    - No OneTwoTrip fee for the flight change / refund;

    - Prompt processing of your flight change / refund requests (no more than 1 hour);

    - 24/7 Customer Support;

    - A Promo Code to save on your next flight or hotel booking (the Promo Code value is shown on the checkout page).



    You'll see the All Inclusive Package option:

    To select the All Inclusive Package, you need to tick the box:

    Below you will see the Grand Total including the package price:

    This service is only available on the checkout page; only you can select it. This service cannot be selected after the purchase.


  • Notifications

    With our Notification Service, you will be notified automatically of the changes that your airline makes in the reservation system.
    Should you choose “Notification of Flight Delay", you will only receive a message notifying you of your flight delay.

    Should you choose “Notification of Flight Delay and Cancellation”, you will be notified of all flight schedule changes.

    Notifications will be sent when the airline makes changes in the reservation system.

    This service commences immediately after the purchase; the service fee is non-refundable.

  • Refund Package

    If you’d like to get a refund on your tickets, the airline may charge you a fee that could reach up to 100% of the price you paid for your flight. In case of a voluntary refund, the majority of airlines will refund only the part of the price that is called “taxes” keeping back the part that is called “fare”.

    If you decide not to travel for any reason, we'll pay you a compensation of 90% of the price you paid for your flight, even if the ticket is non-refundable.

    If you'd like to use our Refund Package, please select it during checkout:


    The amount to be refunded by the airline will be returned the same way you made the payment. The rest of the compensation will be credited to your OneTwoTrip Accumulation Account to be redeemed toward future purchases on our website.

    Let's say you purchased a flight for €200 with your credit card and now you want to get a refund on it. The airline refund fee is €170 so, minus the fee, you'll get €30 back into your account. The amount of €150 will be deposited into your OneTwoTrip Accumulation Account. Once this amount has been received, you'll be able to redeem it toward another purchase on our website.

    If you purchased multiple tickets in a single booking, you'll be able to get compensated for any of them or for all of them. You can submit a refund request through our website no later than 48 hours prior to departure. OneTwoTrip reserves the right to block your Accumulation Account if any fraudulent activity is detected.

  • Lock In Your Price

    Travellers can lock in the price on certain flights:

    Fares usually go up as the departure date approaches. You can lock in the current flight price now and make your payment later.

    We cannot guarantee that during your booking process the airline does not change your flight price or cancel your booking. Should your booking be cancelled, you will receive a corresponding notification and the paid service fee will be automatically refunded to your account within the time specified by your bank.

    Please press the "Extend Payment Deadline" button to use this service.

    A new window will appear to enter your card details to purchase the Price Lock service:

    Once your card details have been entered, you will receive a notification that your payment has been completed successfully.

    Select the flight which you'd like to pay later in your Customer Profile:

    Click "to be paid."

    On the checkout page you will be able to select your payment option and complete your booking.

    If you are not able to pay for your reserved flight within the time specified, the service fee will not be refunded.

  • Seat Selection

    On our website, passengers can select and book seats during their booking not later than 36 hours prior to departure.

    To use this service, you need to enter your Customer Profile and press the "Seat Assignment" button:

    Then you need to select your flight and your preferred seats on the seat map. Press the "Payment" button:

    Please note that airlines may change your reserved seats due to change of aircraft or other operational or security reasons.

Before Departure
  • Checking in for your flight

    You can check in for your flight as well as select your seat(s) on OneTwoTrip. There are several ways to do it. 

    The best way is to purchase Online Check-In service at the time of booking. We'll check you in for your flight, and you'll only have to print out your boarding pass which we'll send to your email address.

    You can also select your preferred seat at the time of booking. 

    Traditionally, passengers check in at the airport check-in desks. 

    Also, there are self-service check-in kiosks at almost all airports through which you can check in to avoid staying in line at the check-in counter. 

    Online check-in through the airline website usually starts 24 hours prior to departure.

    You'll need to enter the ticket or booking number and passenger name.

    This information is provided on the itinerary receipt or in your Customer Profile on OneTwoTrip.

    However, sometimes you can only check in at the airport check-in counter. 

    If you have a multi-stop or code-share flight operated by more than one airline, you will need to check in at the airport. 

    Sometimes, you may not be able to check in online if you booked your flight through OneTwoTrip.

    Please note that when booking through our website passengers can be listed all on one booking or each one on a separate booking. In the latter case, travellers may encounter problems checking in online. Minors booked separately are considered unaccompanied minors and can check in only at the airport check-in desk.

    You need a valid passport only to check in at the airport.

    We urge you to have a printed itinerary receipt handy at all times during your travel.

  • Checking Flight Booking Status

    You can check the status of your booking in the Customer Profile by clicking this link, as well as on websites of global distribution systems (GDS):

    Please refer to OneTwoTrip Customer Support to verify in which system your tickets were issued.

    After that, you will need to visit the website of the corresponding distribution system and enter the passenger name and booking code. For the booking code, please refer to OneTwoTrip Customer Support.

  • Itinerary Receipt

    Electronic ticket (e-ticket) is a paperless electronic document used for ticketing passengers in the commercial airline industry. Unlike a paper airline ticket, an e-ticket is a digital record in the airline reservation system.

    When a customer books a flight on OneTwoTrip, we send an itinerary receipt to the customer's email. An itinerary receipt is a confirmation of an e-ticket purchase.

    Using e-tickets, passengers do not have to present their itinerary receipts at check-in. All necessary information is already in the reservation system, and only a valid ID (passport) of the passenger is required. After check-in, necessary boarding passes are issued and passengers can check their baggage and proceed through security to the gate area. 

    You may need to have a printed itinerary receipt handy in the following situations:

    - To present it to the airport security staff entering the airport or some certain airport areas;

    - During passport control or customs clearance as a proof that you have a return ticket or a connecting flight;

    - If your flight was delayed or canceled, you may have the airline put a corresponding seal on your itinerary receipt for confirmation purposes;

    - To confirm you booked flight in case of a registration system failure when the airline staff has to check in passengers manually.

    That is why we urge you to have a print-out of your itinerary receipt at all times during your travel to avoid any complications.

  • In-Flight Meals

    In-flight meals vary greatly in quality and quantity across different airlines and travel classes. They range from a simple beverage and snack in short-haul economy class to a seven-course meal in long-haul first class.

    Generally, hot meal is served on long-haul flights, and passengers may select from a special menu as well.  

    When booking flights on, travellers may select a special in-flight meal from the list available in their Customer Profile not later than 48 hours before departure.

    Should you need a special meal that is not on our list, please send us a request through your Customer Profile, and we will try to coordinate it with the airline.

    If you made a mistake selecting a special in-flight meal or you would like to change it to something else, please send us a message through your Customer Profile, and we will modify your request.

    For more information regarding your selected special meal, please contact your airline. Please note that all special requests (including special meal requests) require an approval by the airline. 

    After submitting a special in-flight meal request, we urge you to contact our Customer Support to verify the status of your request.

  • Travelling With Pets

    Almost all airlines flights of which you can book on our website allow pets to travel in carry-on pet carriers in the cabin of the aircraft.

    Please note that you will have to pay a carry-on pet fee since the weight of your pet and carrier is not included in the free baggage allowance. 

    There are no additional charges for service animals travelling in the cabin.

    If you would like to travel with your pet, please send us a message through your Customer Profile providing the weight of your pet and carrier and carrier dimensions (L х W х H), and we will send a request to the airline.

    Please note that in some cases airlines do not permit to bring carry-on pets to the cabin. In this case, the airline can check your pet to travel in the baggage compartment.

    Please contact your airline for carry-on and checked pet charges.

    Requests for pet transportation are accepted not later than 48 hours prior to departure.