Booking a Flight
  • Booking a Flight

    You can book flights on in less than 5 minutes.

    What you need to do:

    1. Fill out the Flight Search Form.
    2. Select a flight from the search results.
    3. Book your flight.
    4. Pay by a credit / debit card.

    After you've completed the booking, we will email you a notification that your tickets have been issued and a link to your Customer Profile to download your itinerary receipt.

    Here's what it looks like:

    Fill out the flight search form and press "Search."

    Wait until the search results show up and select the desired flight.

    Enter all the required information so that we could reserve your seats on the selected flight.

    After entering the information, click "Continue" and verify your flight details once again on the checkout page and read the selected flight statistics and your baggage allowance.

    Please provide the required information about yourself (Customer Data) and all passengers (Passenger Details). A booking confirmation and itinerary receipt will be sent to your email address after checkout.

    Select a payment option. We recommend that you pay by Visa or MasterCard – it is fast and secure.

    Enter your card details:

    Read Terms and Conditions. If you agree, tick the box "I accept the terms and conditions" and press "Complete Booking."

    As soon as your tickets are issued, we will send you a booking confirmation and itinerary receipt to your email address and a text message with the status of your booking to your phone.

  • Entering Passenger Details

    You should enter the first and last name of the passenger exactly as they appear on the government-issued photo ID (driver's license or passport) that you plan to present to the airline officials at check-in.

    Passengers will encounter difficulties passing through airport security or can be denied boarding if their names do not match those on the presented ID. Corrections are not permitted once your tickets have been issued.

    If there is not enough space to enter your name, please contact the airline directly. To avoid security problems, we do not recommend modifying your name.

    I made a mistake in my name/surname, what should I do?

    If you make a mistake when entering data, we recommend contacting our customer support as soon as possible. Unfortunately, in most cases, the name/surname correction is not possible, but it should be checked in each particular case.

  • Travel Classes

    What are travel classes?

    Travel classes may differ depending on the particular airline.

    Airlines traditionally have three travel classes: Economy ClassBusiness Class and First Class. Sometimes airlines divide their travel classes into subclasses (Premium, Advanced etc.)

    OneTwoTrip displays travel classes exactly as they are submitted by airlines into reservation systems, i.e. in letters (J, K, L, O, B).

    What is the difference in travel classes?

    Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class differ primarily in the comfort of seats and service on board.

    Economy Class seats are usually located in the rear or middle of the cabin. These are the cheapest seats since their width is 17-18.3 inches with legroom between 29 and 32 inches (domestic flights) or 29.5-35.8 inches (international flights).

    Economy Class services can differ significantly depending on the airline. However, it is mandatory that every passenger seat has a folding table and a seat-back pocket containing an emergency evacuation diagram.

    Besides, Economy Class fares are usually non-refundable and non-changeable:the cheaper the fare, the more expensive refund or change.

    Business Class seats can be categorized by the following types:

    • Recliner seats (160°), width 17.32-33.85 in, legroom 33.07-79.5 in;
    • Angle lie-flat seats (180°), width 18.11-22.8 in, legroom 55.11-66.9 in;
    • Flat bed seats (180°) (when fully reclined, these seats are completely horizontal, creating a bed that is fully flat).

    Food, beverages, Internet and other services are included in the price.

    Business Class passengers are usually checked in at a separate desk. Business Class tickets are 3-5 times more expensive than Economy Class tickets. 

    First Class is the most comfortable and luxurious travel class with regard to seats and services. First Class passengers can enjoy flat bed seats, sofas and even regular beds separated from their seats and folding out of the wall. Normally, First Class cabins are found on long-haul aircraft operating transatlantic flights.

    First Class passengers can take advantage of extra services: they have a special comfort lounge at their disposal where they can wait for their flight, priority check-in and boarding, complimentary limousine service.

    On board, First Class passengers can order food and drinks from a varied menu, with a wide range of choices. Comparing to Economy Class tickets, First Class is 8-15 times more expensive.

    Prior to purchase, it is necessary to read the fare rules displayed on the booking page.

    What is Premium Economy? 

    This travel class is levelled between Business Class and Economy Class.

    Premium Economy Class vary among airlines and usually offers a bit more legroom and includes some amenities not available in standard Economy Class (contour pillows, wider range of food and drinks, bigger screens for watching movies, flexible baggage allowance etc.)

    Premium Class seats are usually located right behind Business Class seats. The number of Premium Class seats varies among airlines as well. 

    Premium Economy class tickets are 20–30% more expensive comparing to standard Economy Class tickets. 

  • Airfares

    Prices on flights that you can select and book on our website are shown at all times per one adult passenger with all taxes and fees included. 

    When booking flights for a group of passengers, you will see the full price for the entire group displayed on the booking page prior to checkout.

    Please be advised that when the currency of the Service Provider differs from the currency of your card, you will be charged in the currency of the Service Provider and your bank will make a conversion into the currency of your account at its internal rate. Please refer to the customer support of your bank regarding currency conversion details. 

    Please note that some airlines (AirBaltic, for example) charge an additional baggage fee at check-in. Please see Baggage Allowance section for more details.

    Prices on our website are lower because fares of the same airlines for the same route purchased in different countries are different.

    For example, a price difference on the same Moscow-London flight operated by BMI can reach 10% depending on where the ticket was issued — in Russia (Moscow), in the UK (London) or in other city or country. 

    This is due to pricing policies of airlines and their fares loaded into global distribution systems for this or that country, as well as to exchange rate differences. 

    Since you purchase electronic air tickets, we issue them electronically in the country where your selected flight can be booked at the lowest price. 

    It is the same as you would search for flights manually all over the Internet checking with different agents in different countries. Now we do this for you. 

    Flight deals and offers are collected online automatically from our Partners (IATA agents) worldwide. The system automatically compares prices on the same flights and provides you with the best deals.

    If there are no flights to the selected destination or the flight price is higher than expected, most probably all flights have been sold out already or there are only more expensive fares available.

  • Information Update Frequency

    Flight prices and seat availability is updated online all the time.

    Information on flight statistics, age of aircraft and legroom is averaged over the past three months from the current date and is constantly updated.

  • Some airlines are marked with an * or +. What does it mean?

    In the search results, you can see different flights operated by one, two or more airlines:

    If you see an airline marked with an asterisk (*), it means that the flight is operated by two carriers. You need to click the corresponding link to see the details:

    If you see an airline marked with a plus sign (+), it means that the flight is operated by three or more carriers:

  • Making Changes to Unpaid Bookings

    If you find out at the checkout that you've made a mistake (incorrect passenger name, wrong dates or flights,) please be informed that no changes can be made at this point.

    You need to cancel your unpaid booking in the Customer Profile (My Travel section) and make another one. If seats are still available, you will be able to book your flight at the original price. If not, the system will automatically offer you the subsequent appropriate flight option.

  • Restrictions on Passengers

    Due to requirements of airlines and the necessity to obtain more detailed information about passengers, flights for the following categories of passenges shall be booked and purchased only at offices or agencies of the selected airline:

    - unaccompanied minors;
    - disabled passengers;
    - passengers with visual / hearing impairments;
    - women in late pregnancy.

  • Low Сost Flights

    OneTwoTrip customers can select flights from 79 low-cost airlines, among which are such carriers as  AirAsia, Germanwings, RyanAir, Vueling and others. Thus, OneTwoTrip offers its customers cheap flights to tens of thousands of destinations, operated by low-cost carriers from 1906 airports worldwide, including 54 Russian airports. 

    A low-cost carrier is an airline that generally has lower fares in exchange for fewer comforts and services. For example, a low-cost fare may not include a baggage allowance, in-flight meals or check-in at the airport (online check-in is still available for free). Should you need these services, you will have to pay an extra charge. 

    Low-cost carriers feature some or most of the following principles to lower their fares:

    - Single passenger class;

    - Standardized fleet, new aircraft purchased in bulk;

    - Minimum set of optional equipment;

    - Online ticket sales (non-stop flights only);

    - Fares increase as the aircraft fills up encouraging early bookings;

    - Rapid turnaround at airports with more flights per day;

    - Charge for all services and conveniences on board (including on-board services, reserved seating, extra baggage, in-flight meal and beverages);

    - Flight attendants work multiple roles (aircraft cleaning, gate agents, check-in).

    A low-cost flight is marked with a LOW COST sign on the search results page:

    The same sign is displayed on the booking page:

    Please note that all low-cost flights are non-refundable and non-changeable:

  • Overbooking

    Overbooking a flight means that airlines will accept a few additional reservations for seats on a flight beyond the aircraft's seating capacity.

    Why do it?

    According to airline statistics, about 10 % of travellers do not show up for their flight or do not cancel their bookings prior to departure. Due to this, airlines overbook to attempt to fill seats left empty by such travellers. Sometimes due to technical reasons, airlines may replace the assigned aircraft with a smaller aircraft with fewer seats. Different airlines have their own overbooking policies.

    How to prevent being bumped from an overbooked flight?

    We recommend that you check-in online for your flight on the airline website or at the airport check-in desk arriving well in advance. Online check-in is usually open 24 hours prior to departure.

    How airlines handle overbooked flights?

    When a flight is overbooked and more passengers show up than a flight can accommodate, airlines may change the travel class – check passengers in business class instead of economy and vice versa.

    Airlines may also rebook passengers on the next available flight to their destination at no additional charge. This may not be the next flight (a delay sometimes may take up to a few days), and may include flights on other airlines.

    Should you be delayed for more than two hours, you may receive a meal voucher from the airline. If your rebooked flight requires an overnight stay, the airline will likely issue a hotel voucher accepted at certain airport hotels. However, these issues should be settled with the airline representative.

  • Booking Flights for Unaccompanied Minors

    You cannot book a flight for an unaccompanied minor on our website. Miniors must be accompanied by at least one adult companion, so you'll have to book the flight both for the minor and companion.

    Adding a passenger to a purchased flight is also not possible.

    If you have to book a flight just for an unaccompanied minor, please refer directly to the airline.

  • Child Fares

    Almost all airlines offer discounts for children. Sometimes such discounts can reach up to 50-60%.

    Once you've selected a flight, the system will display flight prices for an infant under 2 years of age (no seat) and for a child under 12 years of age (with a seat) based on the fare for a single adult passenger, with an option to add passengers to the booking. 

    Please note that if on some flight segment your child turns two but you purchased an infant fare, the child ticket would not be considered valid. The same rules apply for children under 12 years of age.

    Please keep these rules in mind during the booking and purchase your tickets based on the child's age at the time and date of the latest departure. To purchase a ticket with a seat for an infant under 2 years of age, you should select a ticket for a child under 12 years of age with a seat.

  • Reasons why flights selected on are not shown on the airline website

    If you selected some flights on and cannot see them on the website of the airline operating your flights, it might be because these flights are subject to Codeshare or Interline Agreements*.

    Some airlines technically cannot sell such flights since they have access only to their own flight segments and are not able to combine flight segments of other airlines.

    As we work with many agencies around the world, we can sell some of such flights. Sometimes we intentionally do not offer flights of some airlines whose delay and cancellation statistics can directly or indirectly affect your trip.

    *A Codeshare Agreement allows one airline to sell flights operated by another airline under its own code.

    An Interline Agreement is an agreement under which airlines can book and sell each other's flights through their own agencies.

  • Multi-Stop Flights

    On you can book not only a one-way or round-trip flight but a multi-stop flight as well.

    A multi-stop flight cannot consist of more than four legs.

    Please note that there could be have connecting flights on every leg so take this into account when planning your trip.

    Please note that you can be issued with one ticket for your multi-stop flight or separate tickets can be issued for each leg.

  • Using a Part of a Multi-City Itinerary

    You can use only a part of a multi-stop flight provided that you checked in for your first flight segment. Otherwise, if you do not show up for one of your flight segments, the airline will be entitled to cancel all subsequent segments of your flight.

    You can fly only the first leg of your route (e.g. on the Moscow-Rome-Milan flight you can choose to fly to Rome, provided that you notify the airline personnel at check-in beforehand.) Sometimes it is cheaper this way. Or if you have Moscow-Milan and Milan-Moscow tickets, you can choose to take only the first Moscow-Milan flight. Round-trip flights are often cheaper than one-way flights.

  • Flight Ratings

    Every flight on is rated based on the data from reliable sources. Ratings take into account key flight characteristics:

    • Percentage of delayed flights;
    • Percentage of cancelled flights;
    • Average age of the aircraft operating the flight over the past 3 months;
    • Legroom in economy class.

    Why would I use these ratings?

    • Price-Quality. If the difference in flight prices is small, then select a higher-rated flight. 
    • Connecting Flights. If you have a connecting flight, take into account delay and cancellation statistics on the first leg of the flight. We do not recommend that you purchase low-rated flights.
    • Comfort. We recommend selecting flights from airlines operating newer aircraft. The more legroom offered, the more comfortable your flight is.
  • Duplicate Bookings

    Please avoid making duplicate bookings!!!

    Even if you are making an unpaid booking for price verification purposes while having already purchased tickets for the same passengers and flights, the airline may consider this as a duplicate booking.

    Different airlines may have their own duplicate booking policies, but generally, if booking details coincide (same passenger(s), same flights and dates or same flights but adjacent dates), airlines may cancel one or both bookings. 

    Please do not make duplicate bookings to avoid such situations.

    During your booking, please make sure that you do not have duplicate unpaid bookings or bookings made on other OTA websites.

    If the airline cancels your duplicate bookings, we will do everything possible to restore one of your bookings and help you receive a full refund on the other. However, the full refund has to be approved by the airline.

  • Visa Requirements

    All countries have their own Visa requirements. Some countries issue visas right at the airport or at a border crossing point. However, it is more common to have an issued visa before entering other countries.

    Prior to booking your flights, please read travel document requirements for entry into the destination country or for connection in the transit country. Also, please make sure you have got all necessary documents and visas. For more information, please visit and read the information available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country of residence.