Refund a Ticket

To submit a refund request, you need to follow the link and select "Refund Your Ticket."

If you are not sure you want to cancel your ticket(s), you need to select "I may not fly", and we will send you the calculated refund amount without cancelling your booking.

You will see the calculated refund amount in your Customer Profile:

The refund amount depends on the selected fare rules as well as on the service fee OneTwoTrip charges for processing your refund request.

The OneTwoTrip service fee is $14/35 per ticket. 

OneTwoTrip does not charge a service fee for processing involuntary refunds. 

If you agree to receive the calculated refund amount, please press "Accept Refund"; if not, press "Cancel Refund".

Please note that some airlines can offer non-refundable fares.