Baggage Allowance

Every airline has its own set of restrictions regarding checked and carry-on baggage depending on travel class and destination. 

Please be advised that low cost carriers may charge a baggage fee, which is not initially included in the ticket price. Some carriers may charge extra for baggage on non-flexible tickets (mostly tourists) but include the baggage charge in the ticket price for flexible tickets (mostly business travelers, who often have no checked baggage).

Free baggage allowances are set up by airlines according to their fare rules and are submitted by airlines to the global distribution systems.

You can see your free baggage allowance on the flight booking page prior to making the purchase.

For detailed baggage information, please follow the link (read more).

Information on your free baggage allowance is also available in your Customer Profile.

If baggage allowance is not included in your fare (this information is available on the flight booking page and in your Customer Profile), you can purchase the necessary baggage allowance on the airline website (if available) or at check-in.
Please keep in mind that if you book a connecting flight (see "Checked baggage on connecting flights"), the most restrictive baggage rules of the carriers involved will be applied.
Please refer to the airline's website for detailed baggage information.

Please note that baggage allowances not included in the fare cannot be purchased on our website.