Extending Payment Deadline

Travelers can select a service to extend their payment deadline on certain flights:

Fares usually go up as the departure date approaches. You can lock in the current flight price now and make your payment later.

We cannot guarantee that during your booking process the airline does not change your flight price or cancel your booking. Should your booking be canceled, you will receive a corresponding notification and the paid service fee will be automatically refunded to your account within the time specified by your bank.

Please press the “Extend Payment Deadline” button to use this service.

A new window will appear for you to enter your card details to pay for extending your payment deadline:

After entering your card details, you will receive a notification that your payment has been completed successfully.

You will need to select the flight for which you wanted to pay later, in your Customer Profile:

Press “To be paid”.

On the flight purchase page you will be able to select a preferable payment option and complete your booking.

If you are not able to pay for your reserved flight within the time specified, the service fee will not be refunded.