Loyalty Program, Discounts, Bonus Points
  • Frequent Flyer Miles and Points

    By booking flights on OneTwoTrip, you can also earn frequent flyer miles and points. Please enter the number of your frequent flyer card at the time of booking on OneTwoTrip.

    Important Notice

    • The passenger name on the ticket shall match the name on the frequent flyer card, otherwise your airline will not be able to give you points for the flight;
    • If you forgot to enter the number of your frequent flyer card at the time of booking your flight on OneTwoTrip, show it to the airline staff at the airport check-in desk or access your booking via the OneTwoTrip customer profile (https://secure.onetwotrip.com/ticket/) and send us a message with the number of your frequent flyer card and the name of the passenger entitled to receive the points.
  • Discounts

    The grand total of your booking with all possible discounts included is displayed on the checkout page. No discounts can be granted to groups of travelers, welfare beneficiaries, the military and seafarers.

    Booking tickets for welfare beneficiaries, the military or seafarers requires that a proof of benefits should be provided to the agency and the agency should submit those to the airline.

    Since OneTwoTrip is a self-booking website, it's not possible to provide proof of benefits at the time of booking. 

  • OneTwoTrip Gift Certificate

    OneTwoTrip Gift Certificate is an electronic card available in denominations from $25 to $2000. If you would like to congratulate a friend, relative or colleague, you will need to buy a Gift Certificate selecting the desired denomination. OneTwoTrip will then deliver the Certificate to the recipient, and the recipient will redeem it as payment for a flight or hotel booking.

    You may give a Certificate to any person. You just need to provide us with the recipient's phone number or email address to deliver the Certificate you bought. It's not a big deal if you don't have this data. You can always print the Certificate and deliver it in person.

    After that, everything is only limited by your imagination. Give the Certificate to your mom who has long wanted to go on vacation but hasn't decided yet where to go. Give it to your colleague or counterpart. Send the newlyweds on a trip to anywhere in the world. Or a group of friends may chip in together and send one of them on a long-wished trip. All in all, there are a whole lot of options.

    OneTwoTrip Gift Certificates can be sent to the recipient's email address. You can also download a pdf file which contains all information about your Certificate, then print it and deliver in person.

    To buy a Certificate, please go to https://www.onetwotrip.com/en-us/loyalty/gifts/ and fill in all required fields. You need to provide the recipient's name, write a small accompanying text, select a denomination of your Certificate, and make a payment with your credit card. After that, we'll send the Certificate to the recipient's email address you provided.

    Gift Certificates may be redeemed as payment for any flight or hotel you find on OneTwoTrip.

    To use the Gift Certificate, you need to:

    1. Find a flight or hotel you'd like to book;
    2. Start booking by selecting the desired option;
    3. Find the field "I have a promo code." Open the email with your Certificate and find a number that starts with GC and consists of 8 digits. Enter this number in the Promo Code field. The grand total of your purchase will then be recalculated.

    If the nominal value of your Promo Code exceeds the purchase amount, you will only have to complete your booking, receive your booking confirmation, and pack your bags. The remaining amount will be credited to your OneTwoTrip account and you'll be able to redeem it toward your future bookings. Your account balance is displayed in your Customer Profile at https://www.onetwotrip.com/en-us/p 

    If your Certificate covers only a part of the purchase amount, then you'll be able to pay the rest with your credit card, as usual.

    You will earn Bonus Points for redeeming the Certificate, if you use it to pay for a part of your booking covering the rest with your credit card. In this case, you will receive Bonus Points for the amount you paid with the credit card. For example, if you booked a $1000 flight, redeemed a $400 Certificate, and paid the remaining $600 with your credit card, then you'll earn Bonus Points for the $600 payment.

    Gift Certificates are valid for 1 year from the date of delivery to the recipient.

    If the recipient does not use the Certificate during 1 year from the date of delivery, the Certificate expires. In this case, the amount paid for the Certificate will not be refunded.