Flight Purchase
  • Payment Options

    You can pay for your flights with a credit card if the card number consists of 16 digits and you're authorized to make online payments with this card. You can also use Apple Pay to make your payment through the OneTwoTrip Mobile App.

    You can pay only by VISA or MasterCard on OneTwoTrip.com.

    You need to enter your payment card details on the checkout page. Before you start, please make sure you have your card handy. Payment gateway connection and data transfer is secured with a SSL certificate from DigiCert.

    OneTwoTrip is fully PCI Compliant (Payment Card Industry Compliance), ensuring credit card security.

    Details you need to enter:

    • Your credit card number;
    • Validity period of your credit card: month/year;
    • CVV (Visa) / CVC (MasterCard): your card security code is printed on the back of your card and is typically a separate group of 3 digits to the right of the signature strip.

    If you do not have a CVC / CVV code on your card, most probably your card cannot be used for CNP transactions (i.е. when a cardholder does not have to physically present the card for a merchant’s visual examination and only card details are needed to make a payment), and you have to refer to your bank for detailed information.


    You'll see the "Buy with Apple Pay" button at the checkout page.
    This is a one-touch payment.
    The "Buy with Apple Pay" button is available on our Mobile App for iPhone 6 and newer models.
    "Buy with Apple Pay"

  • Booking Status: Processing

    Tickets are issued automatically after checkout (sometimes it may take up to half an hour.) As soon as your tickets are issued, we will send you your travel documents to the email address you provided during the booking as well as a text message with your booking status.

    If the status of your booking remains "Processing" within the time specified and you have not yet received an email with your itinerary receipt, we urge you to send us your booking number via the contact form on OneTwoTrip.com to have your tickets issued.

    The reason why your booking status remains "Processing" is most likely because an error has occurred on the part of the global distribution system (GDS) that was responsible for issuing your tickets. Once you have reported your problem to our Customer Support, our operators will manually process your booking.

    We urge you not to make any duplicate bookings until the processing of your booking is complete. If you made a booking for several passengers and not all of them were issued with tickets, please contact our Customer Support to resolve the problem.

    Please be informed that tickets are issued separately for each passenger in an individual booking regardless of whether one booking was made for all passengers.

  • Charging Your Card

    Once you have completed your booking and entered your card details, your card will be charged by the Service Provider (the airline) via its head office (e.g. DELTA/DL) or country office (e.g. DL Travel Agency NYC, where DL is the Delta Airlines IATA code). 

    In case the Service Provider cannot accept your payment directly, your card will be charged by our partner and then the funds will be transferred to the Service Provider. 

    In both cases the ticket is considered paid at the moment of charging the Customer's card. 

    The only difference is that in this case OneTwoTrip will be listed on your account statement as the recipient of the payment. In all other cases the recipient will be the Service Provider (the airline).

    In accordance with Visa and MasterCard regulations, the funds will be debited from your account within 30 days of the date of purchase.

  • Payment Card Verification

    In some cases, we need to make sure you're a legitimate holder of the card you use to make the payment. For this purpose, we block a small amount on your card (e.g. $1) and send you a message with a 4-digit confirmation code. If you are a legitimate cardholder, you will be able to confirm your card by entering this code on OneTwoTrip.com.

    What happens if I enter an incorrect confirmation code?

    If you enter the confirmation code incorrectly three times in a row, you will not be able to make the payment with this card — it will be blocked on our website for as long as one month. In this case, you will have to use some other card to pay for your booking.

    I pay with my own card. Why do I have to confirm that?

    Such verification is conducted to secure online payments. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. We have tried to simplify the verification process as much as possible – all you need to do is simply enter the confirmation code without providing any ID and photo of your credit card. 

    How do I get my confirmation code?

    Please find your confirmation code:

    1. In an text message from your bank.
    2. In a card account statement in your Internet-banking.
    3. By contacting your bank's customer support at the number on the back of your card.
  • Possible Reasons Your Card Was Declined

    Before making a payment on OneTwoTrip.com, please make sure you have sufficient funds on your card to cover the transaction.

    Your payment could be declined due to one of the following reasons:

    • You have entered an incorrect card number, expiry date or CVV/CVC code;
    • Your card has a daily transaction limit;
    • Your card is not authorized for online payments.

    If you are having trouble making your payment, you need to contact the customer support of your bank (generally available 24/7) at the phone number provided on the back of your card. 

  • Booking Confirmation

    An itinerary receipt issued for each passenger is a confirmation of your booking. 

    Once you have completed your booking process, you will be redirected to the page on OneTwoTrip where you will find all necessary information regarding your flight as well as the itinerary receipt that confirms your booking and the right to fly. The itinerary receipt contains the route you selected, time of departure and arrival, name of airport and airline, travel class, passenger and payment details.

    Your itinerary receipt is also available at https://secure.onetwotrip.com/ticket/

    For information regarding a particular ticket, you'll need to enter the e-ticket number and passenger name. For information regarding your booking (there may be more than one ticket in a booking), you'll need to enter the booking number and the email address or mobile number that you provided at the time of booking.

  • Booking Flights for Someone Else

    You can book flights for someone else on OneTwoTrip.com and pay for such flights with your card. However, at check-in the person(s) you booked the flight(s) for may be requested to present the cardholder's express consent approving the purchase. Such consent can be written in a free form and should contain a photocopy of the card and cardholder's signature.

    If you provided your contact details during the booking process, please make sure the passengers for whom you booked the flight(s) are aware of the selected fare rules as well as of the Agreement with OneTwoTrip.

  • Accounting Documents for Business Trip

    If you are going on a business trip, you can use your card account statement as a confirmation of the flight purchase. We recommend that you have the airline staff seal your itinerary receipt at check-in.

    Your itinerary receipt is also considered as a proof of purchase; you can download it by following the link in your confirmation email and print it should the need arise. ОneTwoTrip normally does not provide other forms of invoices.

    Please note that OneTwoTrip is not registered for GST in Singapore and OneTwoTrip does not charge customers GST in relation to its services. OneTwoTrip therefore cannot provide customers with a GST tax invoice.