Flight Change, Cancelation and Refund
  • Refunds on Non-Refundable Airfares

    The amount to be refunded is calculated in accordance with the airline fare rules.

    Fare rules determine the procedure for calculation of voluntary refunds as well as set out when a full involuntary refund is allowed.

    If your fare is "NON-REFUNDABLE," it means that it cannot be refunded in case of ticket cancellation or no-show, and only a part of refundable taxes can be returned.

    Please note that in addition to possible penalties imposed by the airline, OneTwoTrip is entitled to charge a service fee for a flight refund / change, which is $25 / 14 per ticket.

    Generally, non-refundable tickets can still be refunded in the following cases:

    - Death of a passenger or close relative;

    - Hospital admission of a passenger;

    - Visa rejection / refusal.

    Should you encounter one of these problems, please notify the OneTwoTrip Customer Support by sending an email with all necessary supporting papers enclosed. Upon receiving your message, our operators will contact the airline for a full refund approval.

    Please note that if you cancel your tickets later than 24 hours prior to departure, you may be charged an additional cancellation fee.

    Airlines may charge an additional refund fee in case of no-show and impose restrictions on flight changes.

    For more information, please read "Refund a Ticket."

    Depending on fare rules of certain airlines, you are entitled to a flight refund or change within 1 year of the date of purchase provided that you cancel your booking before your flight departs.

    If you cannot travel as planned and need to change your flight, we recommend that you cancel your tickets before your flight departs.

  • Free Ticket Cancellation

    If you have come to our website directly to book a flight (not via a metasearch service), then you are able to cancel your purchase within 30 minutes after completing your booking. Our Customer Support can help you cancel your booking free of charge. To cancel a purchase through your Customer Profile, please do the following:

    1. Access your booking at https://secure.onetwotrip.com/ticket/
    2. Select a passenger whose tickets you would like to cancel. 

    Important notice! If there are several passengers in the booking, you will need to make a separate cancellation for each passenger. You will receive an email confirming that tickets of the particular passenger have been cancelled. Please read this information carefully.

    1. Submit a ticket cancellation request.

    Important notice!

    1. Please be informed that OneTwoTrip operators need to request an approval from the airline to cancel your tickets. Sometimes airlines do not approve free cancellations.
    2. If your flight departs in less than 48 hours, OneTwoTrip will not be able to arrange for a free cancellation.
    3. If you paid for your booking via OneTwoTrip, no service fees will be refunded.
    4. You cannot cancel your purchase if you have already changed your ticket or used it to fly just a part of your intended itinerary.

    Customers visiting our website via metasearch services cannot cancel their tickets free of charge. A cancellation fee of $15 will be charged.

  • Refund policy if you cancel your tickets

    Free ticket cancellation is available within 30 minutes after you have completed the booking process provided that:

    • "Cancel Your Purchase" button is available in your Customer Profile;
    • Your flight departs in more than 48 hours of the date of purchase;
    • 24-hour period ends in more than 30 minutes.

    Important notice! Free cancellation must be approved by the airline. Sometimes airlines may not approve a free cancellation. OneTwoTrip service fee will not be refunded in case of ticket cancellation (see "Free Ticket Cancellation").

    If you have successfully cancelled your ticket via your Customer Profile, the status of your booking will change from "Issue" to "Canceled."

    Important notice! If there are several passengers in the booking, you will need to make a separate cancellation for each passenger. You will receive an email confirming that tickets of the particular passenger have been cancelled. Please read this information carefully.

    After the cancellation, you will be refunded between 3 to 30 days depending on your bank regulations. Please contact the customer service of your bank for detailed information on the refund procedure.

    If you chose to pay to the airline via OneTwoTrip, the transaction fee will not be refunded.

  • Fare Rules and Change / Refund Fees

    In what form are Fare Rules presented on OneTwoTrip.com?

    Fare Rules are set out by airlines and are presented on OneTwoTrip.com in the same form they appear in reservation systems.

    What is most important of Fare Rules?

    According to statistics, about 5% of customers cancel or modify their bookings. Fare Rules set out penalties for refunds and flight date changes.

    Fare Rules formalize all restrictions and terms of refunds and changes (time limits, possible penalties and extra charges). Very often cheap flights are non-refundable so it is necessary to read corresponding sections of the fare rules during the booking process to avoid any possible complications.

    Thus, it is important to know that if passengers noshow for the first segment of the flight, all subsequent segments will be cancelled. However, passengers can reques refunds in accordance with the no-show terms set out in the fare rules. 

    What other information do Fare Rules contain?

    Fare Rules lay down conditions for the sale and use of airline tickets. Fare Rules include the following: 

    Principal Conditions

    • Seat selection;
    • Open-ended airline tickets;
    • Minimum and maximum period of stay at points of destination;
    • Stopovers at connection points for transit passengers;
    • Flight upgrades at check-in;
    • Combined fares.

    Refund Fees

    • Flight refunds more than 24 hours prior to departure;
    • Flight refunds less than 24 hours prior to departure;
    • Flight refunds after departure (cancellation and no-show policy, etc.)

    Flight Change Fees

    • Changing your booking (flight date change subject to availability);
    • Changing your booking in case of no-show.

    Discounts for children 
    Free baggage allowance

    Where are the selected fare rules available?

    The selected fare rules are available on the booking page, on the checkout page, as well as in the Customer Profile when your booking is completed.

    Booking page:

  • Refund a Ticket

    To submit a refund request, you need to follow the link https://secure.onetwotrip.com/ticket/ and select "Refund Your Ticket."

    If you are not sure you want to cancel your ticket(s), you need to select "I may not fly", and we will send you the calculated refund amount without cancelling your booking.

    You will see the calculated refund amount in your Customer Profile:

    The refund amount depends on the selected fare rules as well as on the service fee OneTwoTrip charges for processing your refund request.

    The OneTwoTrip service fee is $25 per ticket. 

    OneTwoTrip does not charge a service fee for processing involuntary refunds. 

    If you agree to receive the calculated refund amount, please press "Accept Refund"; if not, press "Cancel Refund".

    Please note that some airlines can offer non-refundable fares.

  • Refund Deadlines

    If you have submitted a voluntary refund request, refunds for the unused flight segments will be credited to the account you used to make the purchase.

    If you chose to pay directly to the airline on the OneTwoTrip website, the refund amount will be credited to your account within 3 - 60 days of the cancellation date.

    If you chose to pay to the airline via OneTwoTrip, the refund amount will be credited to your account within 3 - 30 days of the cancellation date.

    If your card has expired, the refund amount will be credited to the account of the card you used to make the purchase. In this case, you will be refunded at the bank upon presenting your ID.

    If the refund amount does not arrive in your account within 30 days, please send a message to our Customer Support and attach your account statement covering the period from the cancellation date up to the current date.

  • Change a Ticket

    You can submit a ticket change request through your Customer Profile on OneTwoTrip.

    You need to enter your Customer Profile, select "Change Your Ticket" and tick the name(s) of passenger(s) for whom you need to change the flight, and the flight segment to be changed.

    Then you need to select the desired dates and flights and request possible options:

    Select the most suitable option.

    By pressing "Select" you will be able to see the detailed information on the selected flight.

    After that, you will be able to submit a flight change request or select other flight segments (if you need to change the flight dates of more than one segment).

    Before accepting your change request, we will send you a verification code to the email address and mobile number you provided during the booking. You will need to enter this code to confirm your change request.

    After submitting a change request, you will see the "Processing" status in your Customer Profile which means your request is being processed.

    Change requests are processed according to the departure date priority. You will receive a notification that your request has been processed and the change service fee calculated.

    The detailed calculation is available in your Customer Profile.

    The grand total amount depends on the selected fare rules, possible fare and tax surcharges and OneTwoTrip service fee for flight change/refund.

    The service fee for travelers is $14 per ticket.

    OneTwoTrip does not charge a service fee for an involuntary flight change.

    You need to confirm that you agree to pay the surcharge within two hours.

    You can submit your flight change request no later than 24 hours prior to departure. You can always contact your airline to submit a flight change request.

    If you do not agree to pay the calculated surcharge amount, just cancel the change request.
    Your original tickets will remain unchanged until you make the payment.

    If you agree to pay the surcharge, you can make the payment with any card, not necessarily with the one you used to pay for your booking.

    If you would like to submit a flight change request but cannot find a way to do it, please send us a message through your Customer Profile with the desired dates and flights. Based on your request, we will check with the airline on the possibility of such a change and send you a calculated surcharge amount.

  • Changing Passport Details

    If you need to change passport details, please enter your Customer Profile and select the passenger whose passport details you'd like to change.

    Then select "Change Passport Details":

    Make the necessary changes and press "Save":

    After that, please update the ticket details as follows:

    The changed details will appear on the itinerary receipt which is available for download in your Customer Profile.
    Please note that you will not be able to make any changes if your flight departs in less than 24 hours.

    If this option is not available in your Customer Profile, please contact our Customer Support.

  • The airline has delayed or cancelled your flight

    If your flight has been delayed or cancelled and this information has been entered in the reservation system, you will receive an automatically generated email notifying you of these changes.

    If you accept the changes, please follow the link in the notification email or notify us of your acceptance by contacting the Customer Support.

    Your booking status will change to Unconfirmed.

    If you do not accept the changes, you can submit an involuntary refund request. 

    Based on your involuntary refund request submitted through your customer profile, OneTwoTrip operators will send a full refund request to the airline and process your request upon receiving an approval.

    If your flight was delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather, natural disaster or technical problems with the aircraft (or any other reason beyond your control), we urge you to try to get a flight delay or cancellation confirmation from your airline and send it to our Customer Support.

    You are entitled to submit an involuntary refund request in the following situations provided that you present corresponding supporting documents:

    - Visa refusal / rejection;

    - Illness or death of a passenger or passenger's relatives.

    Please note that a full refund needs to be approved by the airline in any case. 

    OneTwoTrip as an agency can only submit an involuntary refund request to the airline. We're sorry but our operators are not able to influence or accelerate the decision-making process.

  • Name Changes on Airline Tickets

    In accordance with the OneTwoTrip flight booking rules, name changes on e-tickets are not permitted. Airline tickets cannot be transferred to another passenger as it means changing the passenger name on an already issued ticket. 

    Any name changes can lead to cancellation of the ticket, and a refund will only be possible in accordance with the selected fare rules. 

    Passengers will encounter difficulties passing through airport security or can be denied boarding if their names do not match the ID presented at check-in.

  • Partial Change or Stopover

    If you need to make stopovers in connecting points, please select "Multi-stop" on the front page and compose any route you need.

    If you have already booked your flights and need to have a layover in the connecting point or reduce the connecting time, you can submit a flight change request in your Сustomer Profile and provide the desired stopover dates and times.

    If stopovers are not prohibited in accordance with your selected fare rules, we will process you request for changing the connection time, calculate the fee you need to pay for the change, and send it to you.