Prices on flights that you can select and book on our website are shown at all times per one adult passenger with all taxes and fees included. 

When booking flights for a group of passengers, you will see the full price for the entire group displayed on the booking page prior to checkout.

Please be advised that when the currency of the Service Provider differs from the currency of your card, you will be charged in the currency of the Service Provider and your bank will make a conversion into the currency of your account at its internal rate. Please refer to the customer support of your bank regarding currency conversion details. 

Please note that some airlines (AirBaltic, for example) charge an additional baggage fee at check-in. Please see Baggage Allowance section for more details.

Prices on our website are lower because fares of the same airlines for the same route purchased in different countries are different.

For example, a price difference on the same Moscow-London flight operated by BMI can reach 10% depending on where the ticket was issued — in Russia (Moscow), in the UK (London) or in other city or country. 

This is due to pricing policies of airlines and their fares loaded into global distribution systems for this or that country, as well as to exchange rate differences. 

Since you purchase electronic air tickets, we issue them electronically in the country where your selected flight can be booked at the lowest price. 

It is the same as you would search for flights manually all over the Internet checking with different agents in different countries. Now we do this for you. 

Flight deals and offers are collected online automatically from our Partners (IATA agents) worldwide. The system automatically compares prices on the same flights and provides you with the best deals.

If there are no flights to the selected destination or the flight price is higher than expected, most probably all flights have been sold out already or there are only more expensive fares available.