Using Promo Codes to Book Hotels

Customers registered on OneTwoTrip can save even more by redeeming their Bonus Points or Promo Codes as payment for their bookings.

A Promo Code is a discount. It applies to Pay Now bookings (the full price of your stay is charged by OneTwoTrip immediately after booking) and to Pay At Hotel bookings (you don't pay anything at the time of booking; you'll pay later at the hotel.)

If you select Pay Now, then the price of your stay will be reduced by the Promo Code value. For example, you need to pay £1000 for your stay. You apply a £200 Promo Code, so you'll have to pay only £800. This amount will be charged immediately after the booking has been made.

If you select Pay At Hotel, then you'll get a deferred discount: we'll convert the Promo Code into additional Bonus Points, which will be credited to your Bonus Account along with Bonus Points earned for the hotel booking.

How to book a hotel using a Promo Code:

1. On the search results page, please select a hotel with a "Pay Now" option (full prepayment). You can apply a special filter to do that:

2. To book your selected hotel, please enter the guest(s) details along with your email and phone number to get in touch with you should the need arise. Please note that if you logged in, these details will be filled in automatically from your profile. Press "Use Promo Code", enter your promo code number in the popup window and press "Activate":

3. After verification, your promo code will be counted as a discount:      

4. Enter details of the card you would like to use to make the payment and press Complete Booking. Your credit card will be charged the total cost of your booking minus the above mentioned discount.


What do I do if an error occurs when activating a Promo Code?

OneTwoTrip reserves the right to change without notice the terms of the Promo Code programme, so please check your Promo Codes when selecting an offer to be booked.

If the Promo Code cannot be applied to the offer you selected due to the restrictions set, you'll receive an error message.

We recommend that you try entering the Promo Code again to make sure you did not mistype anything. If the error keeps occurring and you don't understand why, please contact the OneTwoTrip Customer Support.

I have selected a hotel but there is no field to enter my Promo Code. What am I doing wrong?

Promo Codes entitle you to a discount on Pay Now offers or on extra Bonus Points at the time of booking. However, we have the right to change the terms of the Promo Code programme. If you're sure your Promo Code applies to the deal you selected, please contact the OneTwoTrip Customer Support.

Are there any Promo Code restrictions? How do I know if any restrictions apply to my Promo Code?

The following is the list of possible restrictions on Promo Codes:

- Minimum cost of booking;
- Validity;
- Dates of stay and duration of stay;
- Offer type: some Promo Codes apply to Pay Now offers only.

Why can't I get an instant discount using a Promo Code as payment for a Pay At Hotel booking?

We can only give you a discount if you use a Promo Code as payment for a Pay Now booking. In this case, your payment goes to OneTwoTrip first, and then OneTwoTrip makes the payment to the hotel. When booking a Pay At Hotel deal, the customer make the payment directly to the hotel, and we cannot give an instant discount since the payment does not go through OneTwoTrip. All we can do is give a deferred discount by crediting Bonus Points in the amount of the Promo Code value. Customers can redeem these Bonus Points as payment for their future hotel and flight bookings.

I selected a Pay At Hotel deal, entered the Gift Certificate Promo Code, but the system returned an error. Why?

Gift Certificates do not apply to Pay At Hotel deals.

I selected a Pay At Hotel deal, entered the Promo Code that I generated from my Bonus Account, but the system returned an error. Why?

Promo Codes generated from your Bonus Account cannot be used to book Pay At Hotel deals because such Promo Code is just a part of your Bonus Points which would return to your Bonus Account. These Points are not considered as a deferred discount.

I've got a Promo Code. Can I use it without any restrictions?

Most likely, you can't. All Promo Codes have their restrictions - from validity period to minimum cost of booking. We try to inform you of all restrictions at the time of giving you the Promo Code, but you can always check whether your Promo Code applies to the deal you selected on the booking page. Just enter it at the time of booking and see if it is accepted by the system. If it is not accepted, it won't be redeemed, not to worry. If you don't complete your booking, your Promo Code will remain valid and you'll be able to redeem it next time.  

I booked a Pay At Hotel deal and redeemed my Promo Code. When will I get extra Bonus points?

Extra Bonus Points for Promo Code redeeming will be credited together with regular Points for your booking, that is in 30 days after you check out of the hotel. You'll be able to use them immediately after they arrive to your Bonus Account.

Are there any restrictions on the use of extra Bonus Points earned for booking a Pay At Hotel deal?

No, extra Bonus Points are no different from those you've already got on your Bonus Account. Same rules and restrictions apply to them.