Additional Services
  • All Inclusive Package

    With our All Inclusive Package, you will be able to reduce your service fees and speed up your flight change and refund requests.

    You will benefit from this optional service if you are not sure whether you'll be able to fly on the selected dates and suppose you’ll have to change your flight date or even request a refund.

    The service commences immediately after completing your booking.

    All Inclusive Package Advantages:

    - Free notifications of your flight delays and cancellations;

    - No OneTwoTrip fee for the flight change / refund;

    - Prompt processing of your flight change / refund requests (no more than 1 hour);

    - 24/7 Customer Support;

    - A Promo Code to save on your next flight or hotel booking (the Promo Code value is shown on the checkout page).



    You'll see the All Inclusive Package option:

    To select the All Inclusive Package, you need to tick the box:

    Below you will see the Grand Total including the package price:

    This service is only available on the checkout page; only you can select it. This service cannot be selected after the purchase.

  • Notifications

    With our Notification Service, you will be notified automatically of the changes that your airline makes in the reservation system.
    Should you choose “Notification of Flight Delay", you will only receive a message notifying you of your flight delay.

    Should you choose “Notification of Flight Delay and Cancellation”, you will be notified of all flight schedule changes.

    Notifications will be sent when the airline makes changes in the reservation system.

    This service commences immediately after the purchase; the service fee is non-refundable.

  • Refund Package

    If you’d like to get a refund on your tickets, the airline may charge you a fee that could reach up to 100% of the price you paid for your flight. In case of a voluntary refund, the majority of airlines will refund only the part of the price that is called “taxes” keeping back the part that is called “fare”.

    If you decide not to travel for any reason, we'll pay you a compensation of 90% of the price you paid for your flight, even if the ticket is non-refundable.

    If you'd like to use our Refund Package, please select it during checkout:


    The amount to be refunded by the airline will be returned the same way you made the payment. The rest of the compensation will be credited to your OneTwoTrip Accumulation Account to be redeemed toward future purchases on our website.

    Let's say you purchased a flight for $200 with your credit card and now you want to get a refund on it. The airline refund fee is $170 so, minus the fee, you'll get $30 back into your account. The amount of $150 will be deposited into your OneTwoTrip Accumulation Account. Once this amount has been received, you'll be able to redeem it toward another purchase on our website.

    If you purchased multiple tickets in a single booking, you'll be able to get compensated for any of them or for all of them. You can submit a refund request through our website no later than 48 hours prior to departure. OneTwoTrip reserves the right to block your Accumulation Account if any fraudulent activity is detected.