Free Ticket Cancellation

If you have come to our website directly to book a flight (not via a metasearch service), then you are able to cancel your purchase within 30 minutes after completing your booking. Our Customer Support can help you cancel your booking free of charge. To cancel a purchase through your Customer Profile, please do the following:

  1. Access your booking at
  2. Select a passenger whose tickets you would like to cancel. 

Important notice! If there are several passengers in the booking, you will need to make a separate cancellation for each passenger. You will receive an email confirming that tickets of the particular passenger have been cancelled. Please read this information carefully.

  1. Submit a ticket cancellation request.

Important notice!

  1. Please be informed that OneTwoTrip operators need to request an approval from the airline to cancel your tickets. Sometimes airlines do not approve free cancellations.
  2. If your flight departs in less than 48 hours, OneTwoTrip will not be able to arrange for a free cancellation.
  3. If you paid for your booking via OneTwoTrip, no service fees will be refunded.
  4. You cannot cancel your purchase if you have already changed your ticket or used it to fly just a part of your intended itinerary.

Customers visiting our website via a metasearch service cannot cancel their tickets free of charge. A cancellation fee of £15 will be charged.