The airline has delayed or cancelled your flight

If your flight has been delayed or cancelled and this information has been entered in the reservation system, you will receive an automatically generated email notifying you of these changes.

If you accept the changes, please follow the link in the notification email or notify us of your acceptance by contacting the Customer Support.

Your booking status will change to Unconfirmed.

If you do not accept the changes, you can submit an involuntary refund request. 

Based on your involuntary refund request submitted through your customer profile, OneTwoTrip operators will send a full refund request to the airline and process your request upon receiving an approval.

If your flight was delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather, natural disaster or technical problems with the aircraft (or any other reason beyond your control), we urge you to try to get a flight delay or cancellation confirmation from your airline and send it to our Customer Support.

You are entitled to submit an involuntary refund request in the following situations provided that you present corresponding supporting documents:

- Visa refusal / rejection;

- Illness or death of a passenger or passenger's relatives.

Please note that a full refund needs to be approved by the airline in any case. 

OneTwoTrip as an agency can only submit an involuntary refund request to the airline. We're sorry but our operators are not able to influence or accelerate the decision-making process.