Travel Classes

What are travel classes?

Travel classes may differ depending on the particular airline.

Airlines traditionally have three travel classes: Economy ClassBusiness Class and First Class. Sometimes airlines divide their travel classes into subclasses (Premium, Advanced etc.)

OneTwoTrip displays travel classes exactly as they are submitted by airlines into reservation systems, i.e. in letters (J, K, L, O, B).

What is the difference in travel classes?

Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class differ primarily in the comfort of seats and service on board.

Economy Class seats are usually located in the rear or middle of the cabin. These are the cheapest seats since their width is 17-18.3 inches with legroom between 29 and 32 inches (domestic flights) or 29.5-35.8 inches (international flights).

Economy Class services can differ significantly depending on the airline. However, it is mandatory that every passenger seat has a folding table and a seat-back pocket containing an emergency evacuation diagram.

Besides, Economy Class fares are usually non-refundable and non-changeable:the cheaper the fare, the more expensive refund or change.

Business Class seats can be categorized by the following types:

  • Recliner seats (160°), width 17.32-33.85 in, legroom 33.07-79.5 in;
  • Angle lie-flat seats (180°), width 18.11-22.8 in, legroom 55.11-66.9 in;
  • Flat bed seats (180°) (when fully reclined, these seats are completely horizontal, creating a bed that is fully flat).

Food, beverages, Internet and other services are included in the price.

Business Class passengers are usually checked in at a separate desk. Business Class tickets are 3-5 times more expensive than Economy Class tickets. 

First Class is the most comfortable and luxurious travel class with regard to seats and services. First Class passengers can enjoy flat bed seats, sofas and even regular beds separated from their seats and folding out of the wall. Normally, First Class cabins are found on long-haul aircraft operating transatlantic flights.

First Class passengers can take advantage of extra services: they have a special comfort lounge at their disposal where they can wait for their flight, priority check-in and boarding, complimentary limousine service.

On board, First Class passengers can order food and drinks from a varied menu, with a wide range of choices. Comparing to Economy Class tickets, First Class is 8-15 times more expensive.

Prior to purchase, it is necessary to read the fare rules displayed on the booking page.

What is Premium Economy? 

This travel class is levelled between Business Class and Economy Class.

Premium Economy Class vary among airlines and usually offers a bit more legroom and includes some amenities not available in standard Economy Class (contour pillows, wider range of food and drinks, bigger screens for watching movies, flexible baggage allowance etc.)

Premium Class seats are usually located right behind Business Class seats. The number of Premium Class seats varies among airlines as well. 

Premium Economy class tickets are 20–30% more expensive comparing to standard Economy Class tickets.