Booking a Hotel
  • Why Booking Hotels on OneTwoTrip?

    Select hotels with the best rates

    We have compared rates of similar hotels and found the best rates for your selected dates. Selecting hotels with green marks, you can be sure these rates are the best for booking.  The best rate hotels are listed at the top of the search results for your convenience.

    Book the best deals

    We have collected offers from different reservation systems and grouped them together by room types for your convenience. Should you need a superior double room, we’ll get you the best rate in just a few seconds.

    Important! We select only the best offers from our numerous partners. Some deals are unique – it’s a gift we give our customers. We show fair hotel rates only. Let us know if you find a better rate.

    Earn Bonus Points

    If you travel a lot or organize travel tours, you’ll be pleased to earn additional Hotel Bonus Points. You will receive 3% of the booking value to your OneTwoTrip bonus account if you book hotels on our website. And if you book hotels via our OneTwoTrip mobile app, you will receive 5% for each booking. 

  • Using Promo Codes to Book Hotels

    The purpose of OneTwoTrip is to make your travel enjoyable and beneficial! We offer not only a fast and easy booking process but also low prices. Yes, that’s true! We offer much lower prices than other hotel booking websites.

    Customers registered on OneTwoTrip may save even more by redeeming their Bonus Points or Promo Codes as payment for their bookings! 

    How to book a hotel using a Promo Code:

    1. On the search results page, please select a hotel with a “Pay Now” option (full prepayment). You can apply a special filter to do that:

    2. To book your selected hotel, please enter the guest(s) details along with your email and phone number to get in touch with you should the need arise. Please note that if you logged in, these details will be filled in automatically from your profile. Press “Use Promo Code”, enter your promo code number in the popup window and press “Activate”:

    3. After verification, your promo code will be counted as a discount:      

    4. Enter details of the card you would like to use to make the payment and press “Complete Booking”. The total value of your booking minus the above mentioned discount will be charged to your card.


    1. Q: What do I do if an error occurs when activating a promo code?

      A:Please check the correctness, validity and type of the promo code entered and try once again. If the error keeps occurring, contact the OneTwoTrip Customer Support.
    2. Q: I have selected a hotel but there is no field to enter my promo code. Am I doing anything wrong or is this a site error?

      Promo codes entitle you to a discount on “Pay Now” offers only. We’re sorry, but promo codes do not apply to “Pay at the Hotel” offers when guests pay on arrival directly to the hotel. If you have a promo code you would like to redeem, please select “Pay Now” offers.

    Bringing the Best Deals to You!

  • Booking a Hotel

    We offer you a service to search for the best hotel deals on OneTwoTrip. After selecting your hotel, you can book a room on OneTwoTrip or click through to our partner website to complete your booking.

    Booking hotels is pretty easy on OneTwoTrip.

    Fill out the search form.
    Select a city, number of adults and children, and dates of your stay. Press “Search” and wait until search results are displayed.

    Select a hotel.
    We will search for available hotels and display them as a list and on the map. Select a hotel using the map or filter the search results by stars, prices, guest reviews, services etc.

    Select a room.
    After selecting a hotel, select a desired room. If you select a room with the OneTwoTrip logo, you can complete your booking on our website.

    You can also compare room rates with other hotel booking websites and select an offer from our partner. In this case, we will redirect you to our partner website to complete your booking.

    Book your room.
    If you have already selected a room to book through OneTwoTrip:

    1. Please read the hotel / room details.

    2. Enter names of the guests.

    3. Enter the customer and card details.

    4. Please read the terms and conditions. 

    5. Please agree to the terms and conditions and complete your booking.

    * If you selected an offer from our partner, you will be able to complete your booking on our partner website.

  • What is included in the price?

    Right below the room type please find a list of what is included in the price and what is not. Please contact the hotel staff regarding availability of all extra services and your special requests after completing your booking (parking, airport transfers etc.).

  • How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

    Upon completing your booking, you will see a page with your booking confirmation. This confirmation page contains all information about your booking including the number of your order placed through and the reservation number of our partner that goes to the hotel. We will also send you a confirmation email with complete information about your booking.

  • Do hotels charge a deposit or prepayment?

    The majority of hotels do not have any deposit or prepayment requirements. If a deposit or prepayment is required, it will be clearly displayed prior to starting your reservation process.

  • Can I make a reservation without a credit card?

    A valid credit card is needed to guarantee your payment at the hotel upon checking in (such options are marked with "Book Now, Pay Later") as well as to pay for your booking on the website. We will notify you of the possibility to book hotels without a credit card.

  • I enter details of my credit card, when will my card be charged?

    Hotel payment procedures differ depending on the hotel and room type. Payment terms and conditions are available during the booking process.

    Please note that your credit card will be charged at the time of booking a Non-Refundable room and you will not be refunded even if you cancel your reservation.

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